Palagama Beach Resort-kalpitiya

Introduction of Palagama Beach Resort-kalpitiya
When planning your special holiday in srilanka, we thought you’d like to know that we are part of the destination Alankuda beach which is home to some of the finest beach hotels and beach resorts in Sri Lanka, Kalpitiya. We are well placed for guests to enjoy some of the fantastic activities and excursions that Sri Lanka has to offer. This includes kite surfing, whale watching, dolphin watching, water sports and safari trips. Plan your holiday in Srilanka at Palagama Beach Resort and enjoy an experience you’ll always treasure…

On the west coast of Sri Lanka, nestled on the ancient Kalpitiya peninsula, lies Palagama Beach. We’ve always felt a little different from the rest. Maybe it’s because we’re not trying to be the trendiest or grandest resort around. We pride ourselves on offering something different — a beautifully designed home of your own in a relaxed and laid-back village atmosphere. For us, it’s all about quiet sunsets, good honest food and friendly faces.

Accommodation at Palagama Beach Resort-kalpitiya

Beach Cabanas at Palagama Beach Resort-kalpitiya

Sunflower Beach at Palagama Beach Resort-kalpitiya
Our first beach cabana, it’s pretty much just you, the beach, the sea and the sun. A firm favourite amongst all our Honeymooners.
Sleeps Four-Hot Outdoor Shower-Attached Bathroom

Saffron Beach at Palagama Beach Resort-kalpitiya
Our largest and most luxurious cabana, enjoy all the spectacular colours of the sunset from your own private wooden deck. Fancy washing al fresco? Have fun with the outdoor hot and cold showers.
Sleeps Four-Hot Outdoor Shower-Attached Bathroom

Tulip Beach at Palagama Beach Resort-kalpitiya
The sea views from Tulip are truly unique. Take in every detail of the scenery from your own private part of the Palagama Beach.
Sleeps Three-Hot Shower-Attached Bathroom

Marigold Beach at Palagama Beach Resort-kalpitiya
The only beach cabana made entirely of wood, this charming, private cabana is ideal for couples.
Sleeps Three-Hot Shower-Attached Bathroom

Wooden Cabanas at Palagama Beach Resort-kalpitiya

Oleander Cabana at Palagama Beach Resort-kalpitiya
The newest and most luxurious of all the wooden cabanas, Oleander is definitely one of our favorites.
Admire lovely views from your large front veranda, or open the double wooden doors to reveal your own private side garden. It’s the large bathroom and the choice of two outdoor showers (hot and cold) that really makes Oleander special.
Sleeps Three-Hot Shower-Attached Bathroom

Jasmine Cabana at Palagama Beach Resort-kalpitiya
Here at Palagama Beach, we’re particularly fond of Jasmine. It has a personality and presence that catches the eye.
For many of us, an afternoon kip is one of the best things about a holiday. Well, in the back garden you’ll find a low, cushioned bed that’s ideal for post-lunch dozing. After all, it’s the simple things in life that are the best.
Sleeps Three-Hot Shower-Attached Bathroom

Nellum Cabana at Palagama Beach Resort-kalpitiya
Nellum is the ultimate place to relax. It’s distinctive, rich red colour gives it an air of luxury.
But what makes Nellum unique is the private back garden. Three large palm trees form a perfect circle of shade around a low cushioned relaxation area. It’s the ideal place to take refuge from the heat or gaze at the stars. With exterior dimmer lighting, you can sit out back, sip a drink and create your own atmosphere.
Sleeps Three-Hot Shower-Attached Bathroom

Rosa Cabana at Palagama Beach Resort-kalpitiya
With its traditional village hut design, cajan roof and soft pink colour, Rosa has a quiet charm. Set in a large garden, and secluded by bamboo. Lie on the soft grass and take in a blue sky, or doze off on the veranda listening to the birds.
For those who desire peace, quiet and a little extra privacy, look no further than sweet Rosa.
Sleeps Three-Hot Shower-Attached Bathroom

Cajan Cabanas at Palagama Beach Resort-kalpitiya

Violet Cajan at Palagama Beach Resort-kalpitiya
Built entirely out of cajan and wood, this beautifully designed cabana is perfect for couples. Ideal if you are on a budget….
Sleeps Two-Hot Shower-Attached Bathroom

Lilac Cajan at Palagama Beach Resort-kalpitiya
Cosy and private, Lilac is great for lounging in the outdoor hammock and forgetting about your usual busy life…
Sleeps Two-Hot Shower-Attached Bathroom

Villas at Palagama Beach Resort-kalpitiya

Araliya House at Palagama Beach Resort-kalpitiya
With it’s unique curved roof and charming design, Araliya House captivates the eye. A haven of luxury and calm, Araliya is broken into two separate units — a living quarters (sleeps up to four people) and a kitchen and living room area. This simple division creates an ideal balance between interior and exterior space.
With your own kitchen and antique furnishings throughout, we’ve gone the extra mile to ensure that your stay in Araliya House is as comfortable as possible.
Some people want more than a place to stay, they want a home.
Sleeps Four-Hot Shower-Attached Bathroom

Begonia Villa at Palagama Beach Resort-kalpitiya
Private, spacious and luxurious, it’s a place where life moves at a gentle pace. With two ensuite bedrooms, you can rent the whole villa or just one of the living areas.
In Begonia, experience is anything you make it. You can doze off in the garden on our ambalama bench or chill out on the front veranda. This villa is great for families or larger groups.
Sleeps Three-Hot Shower-Attached Bathroom-can sleep upto a maximum of eight.

Facilities at Palagama Beach Resort-kalpitiya

Infinity Pool at Palagama Beach Resort-kalpitiya
Our pool is symbolic of what we’re all about (we’re not just saying that…it’s our logo too). Vibrant, breathtaking, refreshing.. we could talk about it all day. The pool was specifically designed to blend seamlessly into the horizon, giving you unique and unparalleled views of the Indian Ocean. It’s the perfect place to relax, have a cold drink and soak up the Palagama atmosphere.

Spa at Palagama Beach Resort-kalpitiya
The Palagama Spa is the icing on the cake. Enjoy a soothing body massage or a revitalizing head and shoulder massage. Time pretty much stands still in this Spa.

Dining at Palagama Beach Resort-kalpitiya

Corallia Restaurant at Palagama Beach Resort-kalpitiya
Corallia is a delightful little restaurant with a special atmosphere. Sit in the shade of the traditional cajan roof and indulge in tasty food and snacks. The restaurant is totally open so you can take in the stunning vistas and enjoy an al fresco eating experience.

Activities at Palagama Beach Resort-kalpitiya
We know that relaxation is a personal thing…
For some it’s as simple as reclining under a palm tree, for others a quiet swim at sunset. At Palagama Beach, you create your own experiences, living life at a pace that’s right for you.

Kitesurfing at Palagama Beach Resort-kalpitiya
For thrill seekers, there’s nothing quite like the exhilaration of Kitesurfing to get the adrenaline pumping. From May to October we run our very own kitesurfing school with AKI and IKO certified instructors. It’s the ideal way to inject some extra excitement into your holiday.

Kitesurfing School at Palagama Beach Resort-kalpitiya

Dolphin Boat Trips at Palagama Beach Resort-kalpitiya
The Kalpitiyan coast is home to something special — hundreds of dolphins. Wake with the rising sun and head out to sea to wonder at these intelligent, sociable creatures. Best time to see them is when the sea is calm from November to April.

Wilpattu National Park
Roughly 60 kms from Palagama Beach lies Wilpattu, Sri Lanka’s largest National Park. Leopards, elephants, sloth bears, jackals and over 200 species of bird live in its lush landscape. It’s the perfect place for wildlife enthusiasts.

Bar Reef
Perfect for snorkelers or scuba divers, Bar Reef is a stunning underwater spectacle. It spans almost 307 square kilometers and is home to all kinds of marine life including Black Tip Reef Sharks. Best time to visit the reef is when the sea is calm from November to April.

St. Anne’s Church
Tucked away between the Puttalam lake and the Indian Ocean you’ll find St Anne’s church. Built over 150 years ago, this religious place became a sanctuary for Catholics and missionaries alike. Take a trip to visit the shrine of St Anne and wonder at this magnificent church.

Boat ride along the coast
See the coastline from a totally different perspective with a relaxing boat ride. You can go at a pace to suit you, stopping wherever you want along the way. With many Sri Lankan fishing villages to explore, it’s the ideal way to spend an afternoon and see more of this unique landscape.

Weddings at Palagama Beach Resort-kalpitiya

Your perfect moment in Sri Lanka…

Just picture it, all your nearest & dearest on a beautiful secluded beach in Srilanka sharing your special moment, your wedding. Party into the early hours, dancing underneath the stars… Sounds good doesn’t it?
Palagama Beach is also the perfect setting for your honeymoon. Romantic, private and away from it all, what better way to start your married life together.

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